To “Uplift the dishonored and discarded in their plight.”

Dignity is a reality that every human being should experience in abundant measure. By definition it is “the state of being worthy of honor and respect.” Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming conflict in many regions around the globe, this God-ordained condition is far from the reality for countless millions. Poverty, persecution, enslavement, as well as the loss of family members, friends, and even entire communities have reached epidemic levels. Innocents of every race, color, and sex have been exploited and exposed to unimaginable cruelties. Children have been forced to abandon their childhood, experience brutalities beyond their years, while many have even been forced into slavery of every kind. It is the Foundations conviction that every life matters; every destiny is essential; & every breath should be drawn within the atmosphere of hope, dignity, and honor.




To Restore. Elevate. Honor.


People around the globe are facing persecution, pain, and displacement at an alarming rate. The Church of Jesus Christ is facing as much persecution today as it has throughout history.  The result of such severe victimization is immense brokenness and loss.  By focusing on the specific needs of those who have been discarded and forgotten we desire to bring restoration physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually to each and every heart we encounter.


Through acts of tangible love we can help to elevate the situations of both individuals and entire communities. When facing these types of challenges communities often need additional resources, finances, manpower, and expertise to help raise them above their current crisis. By working with community and church leaders we hope to be able to bring positive change within a challenging environment.


Above all, the dishonored deserve to be honored.  When we honor people who have faced such immense disgrace it unlocks something healing inside of them.  By reaching out with compassion, kindness, and respect it is our hope that each person who has felt the weight of shame will now experience the honor of dignity.


Connection. Connection. Connection.

Connection to Christ

We know that without a vibrant relationship with Jesus people will always miss the entirety of the life they were designed to experience.  The Foundation is not simply a socially minded organization, but a of people making Jesus known through tangibly caring for others with His love.

Connection to Community

We were designed to live life together in community. In the midst of situations of displacement where community and family are often lost, it is essential to help reestablish a common sense of unity among people. The Foundation works with teams on the ground who help people to once again begin to identify and build a local community they can call family.

Connection to Church

We seek to work with localized churches and their leadership in order to help people get connected to both physical resources and spiritual components which bring true, real life.  Ultimately, we want to help people get connected to God, His people, and His purpose for their lives.  It is our goal to bring dignity and hope to people in their darkest moments through the hands and feet of the local Church.


Global Foundation for Dignity is overseen by the following:


Kyle Horner

Kyle Horner

– President & Founder –


Danielle Horner

Danielle Horner

– Director of Development & Founder –


Danielle Dortch

Danielle Dortch

– Director of Sponsorship –


Andrew White

Andrew White 

– Director of Reconciliation & Relations –